Thursday, 28 February 2008

Hi all

I hope you all get a chance to join in the fun and post your news and comments!

I'm still living in London (over 4 years now), and now I'm living with my boyfriend David (pictured), in South London.

I will post more pictures and news soon, but just wanted to get our first post on the site to get the ball rolling.

Can't wait to hear from everyone so get posting!

Adriane x


Peter said...

Hi Adriane

Nice move. Gordon sent your invite around. And when I accepted I found i had a couple of old blogs lying around to perpetual embarrasment. With a bit of luck they're well dead now and only Google's servers will ever know. :^)

Anyway I'll try and do my part to keeping The Green blog alive. Starting by replying.

You might be wondering who and how and where as you read this. I am Peter son of Judy daughter of Neville and so on, and living in Denmark (for 20 years this year!).


Celia said...

Hi Adriane
Pretty good idea of yours to do the blog. People will be creeping out of the woodwork to write a few comments I am sure. Hopefully there will be a lot of good photos added as well.

Kia Kaha
Celia xxx

Gordon said...

Hi to everyone. Goodness this blogging takes some getting used to, at least for those who suffer from senior moments!
Good to see some rersponses already.
And the responses to the Reunion idea are also positive. Probably Labour weekend in Wgtn/Hutt.
Jenni Petersen's(Green) husband Colin is presently on a four month work trip in Norway for Norskag the Tasman Mill owners. Jenni and son Mitchell get to visit for 10 days or so in April.
Now I'll have to learn how to add pictures! What next!

judy0 said...

Hi Adriane

This is getting off to a great start. Looking forward to hearing from some others soon.


limegreen said...

Hi all,

Ah, the internet. Just as well the Internet Archive didn't preserve your blogging for posterity Pete.

James (Green) via Graham

Gordon said...

Hi everyone.
So far etween 16 and 20 people have indicated their intention to be at the reunion if possible.
Well done. keep it coming

judy said...

Hi Gordon

How many people would we be looking at if everyone came? When nana died there were 62 of us. Since then we've lost a few and gained a few more.


Derek said...

Hi All
Derek here, 2nd son of the late Murray and Evelyn (currently of Coromandel), father of the lovely Adriane and Celia. My wife Carole and I are currently "flatting" in an inner city Auckland apartment, occasionally flitting down and back to Hukuwai Beach, 5km east of Opotiki where our current "home" is a beach house and small cottage currently under re-build. I'll try and post some photos... if I can work out how. This week June 20 2008 we are off to Adeliade for a week to visit elder daughter Celia and hubby Adam in Adelaide, where she has been living since February 08. She spent 2007 in Auckland doing a post-grad teachers diploma for primary teaching, and hopes to get a post in Adelaide one day soon. More photos may follow for your utter enjoyment - feel free to download as your screen saver!!

Gavrilo said...

------ Give this domain to the green party ----

What a waste; a dead blog, about some family that can only make a dead blog.

You look like you would all hate anyone who would look after the environment (in a practical manner), but you should give this domain to the green party anyway.

---------- what a waste ----------------------